Goodness is complete battery care

How do I charge my car and how long does it take?

There are three ways to charge the e2o.

This takes 5-6 hours charging time with 15A 220V plug point at your home.

Quick2Charge® - It’s an innovative charging technology that can fully charge the e2o in under an hour! The Quick2Charge station is a DC fast charging unit that comes with a commercial 3-phase AC supply input of up to 12kW!

Solar Charging - Another unique charging option that harvests the power of the sun! You can either charge the e2o at the Sun2Car stations or even better, you can install solar panels at your home or workplace at a minimal cost. The solar panels can be used to power your home as well!

How often do I charge the battery?

Here's ready reckoner for charging. If you drive:
20-30kms – Charge once in 3 days
30-40kms or – Charge once in 2 days
50kms + – Charge every day

Quick tip: Charge batteries to 100% at least once in 3 days. It's a good habit to keep it plugged-in overnight so the batteries are topped-up to full capacity!

Will I get a shock if I touch the car when its charging?

Certainly not! The e2o's electrical systems are designed to prevent such incidents! A word of advise, be sure not to operate electric switches and plug-in charge cords with wet hands!

What is the warranty period for the batteries?

With our new 'Goodbye Fuel Hello Electric' program the battery ownership lies with us. The battery is leased to you for a nominal fee, starting at Nu. 2599/month and we guarantee the battery's performance to at least 75% of its original capacity for the period of the lease. This means you don't have to worry about battery replacement cost! (T&C apply)

What happens when I go on vacation, will the battery discharge?

If you're out on a vacation for longer than a week, you can activate the vacation mode feature on the e2o smart phone app. The e2o battery has a normal discharge rate. It can completely discharge in 21 days. By switching on the vacation mode you ensure the battery discharge is kept to a bare minimum.

Also, the e2o comes with a built-in battery thermal management system which keeps batteries at normal operating temperatures.

Does extreme weather affect battery performance?

Yes it does. Extreme cold and warm temperatures affect the battery performance in terms of range. The e2o will achieve optimum performance when temperatures are between 20 - 45 degrees centigrade. Also, the e2o comes with a built-in battery thermal management system which keeps batteries at normal operating temperatures.

How safe are the batteries?

We have driven the e2o with lithium-ion phosphate batteries for over a few million kilometers under stringent test conditions. These include simulating accidents, flooded roads and batteries pierced with sharp objects. The battery comes with several layers of safety protection to deal with any untoward incidents. All these tests are done to ensure your drive is a safe one, every time!