Goodness is making sure you are always protected

How safe is the car on impact?

The e2o has been designed to meet European safety specifications. It has a unique high tensile steel space frame with front crumple zone and dual side impact beams that cocoons the passengers in a safety cage. The dent-resistant ABS body panels take care of small bumps and scratches. They do not deform and scratches can be buffed to restore the shine.

How safe is the car for children?

Don't you worry when there's a baby on board! The ISOFIX child mount in the e2o is a special feature that keeps your toddler out of harm's reach in case of an impact.

How is the car safeguarded against theft?

The thief is going to have a REALLY tough time breaking into your car! The e2o has a secure key with a strong encryption that enables the car to authenticate the user before enabling the car to be driven! In the rare situation that your car does go 'Missing', the telematics unit in the e2o uses the GSM communication network to locate the car for the police!

Would driving the car in heavy rains give me a shock?

When you're handling the e2o in the midst of heavy rains, be assured that you will have a shock-free experience! The e2o's electrical systems are designed to eliminate chances of any such occurrence!