My yellow e2o is a Head Turner 06/02/2015
By Mrs. Maya Pai, Bangalore

Dear Team Mahindra Reva,

We have been in Bangalore for the last ten years and have travelled expansively across the globe.
I owned a Reva for eight years and we parted ways with it to welcome our new Mahindra e2o. It felt like giving away my daughter in marriage.

Nevertheless, it didn't take too long for it to build a special place in our lives and hearts. The new e2o not only taught me how to drive through the roads of Bangalore but was also my sole companion during crucial events of life. I didn't have to rely on the gentlemen in the house and could independently take my mother for hospital visits during her illness.
I am very thankful to Mahindra Reva as I could be of help to my mother at that time.

The e2o is so comfortable to drive that even my husband prefers to drive it instead of his petrol car. He finds it spacious and strongly recommends to his associates at office. I personally love its power packed size - compact externally and spacious internally ! Besides occupying a small parking space, it’s such a zippy drive with my girl pals.
The smart app forms the best feature of the e2o and I doubt if anybody else can provide it today.

Thanks to Mahindra e2o, we are now done away with noise, monotonous gear shifting process, juggling with the clutch, heavy maintenance and fuel bills, and all the stress the conventional fuel cars come with.

Also, my yellow e2o is a head turner and people ask me questions about it. I feel that people are now slowly changing their outlook about electric vehicles and the day when electric cars would be the preferred choice of mobility for masses isn't too far.

The e2o helps me get more organised 30/01/2015
By Mr. Harsha kuntur, Bangalore

Dear Team Mahindra Reva,

"I am a passionate environmentalist and my business - Eco Soch reflects my love for conservation of natural resources. At Eco Soch, we make solar systems, create units for waste management and also promote energy efficiency. A major fragment of our daily efforts involve conducting seminars and workshops to spread awareness about the environment.

The interest to work on sustainability projects in India made me to return from U.S. Back home, for my commuting needs, I preferred Mahindra e2o as it perfectly suits my personality and reaffirms my company's vision.

The e2o is also a favourite amongst my colleagues. When in office, they prefer to drive the e2o - whether it is for business meetings or transporting our products to customers. Three of my colleagues even learnt to drive for the first time with the e2o.

So far, I have driven approximately 22,000 km. With e2o’s short turning radius, the overall manoeuvring is simply pleasurable. The automatic driving feature of the car comes as a relief especially considering the heavy traffic on Bangalore roads.

Today, there are enough reasons that compel me to contend against fuel cars: Firstly, I don’t have to depend on fossil fuels anymore. Infact, I look forward to switching to solar energy given that Mahindra Reva has the ‘Sun2Car’ platform. Secondly, it makes no noise. Thirdly, I don’t have to look for petrol stations every three days. Infact, the e2o has helped me get more organised since my trips have to be planned in advance.

I believe that the phase that we are approaching will leave us with no other option but to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels"

There is a certain pride in owning the e2o 26/11/2014
By Mrs. Anita Jain, Bangalore

Dear Mahindra Reva Team,

We are a family of four and own two electric cars - REVAi and Mahindra e2o. We used to own a Tata Indica, which we sold as soon as we bought the e2o.

e2o occupies a very special place in our family. My elder daughter has already pledged to drive only an electric car when she grows up and my younger daughter, who is a special-needs child, loves to sit in the car.

For me, no other car is as useful as the e2o. It is so easy to drive around the city and the comfort it lends my special-needs child cannot be expressed in words. Those who own an e2o will never compare it with diesel and petrol cars.

The e2o is a car beyond compare.

In fact, there is no question of comparison at all !

Traffic in Bangalore is worsening day by day, but with my e2o, the stress of driving is alleviated. The small turning radius of the car is also an added advantage and makes driving through small and winding roads a breeze. And of course, I am entirely relieved from wasting time and money by not having to visit petrol pumps.

I can still recall the day when we collected the e2o from one of your dealers. It was a defining moment. There is a certain pride in owning the e2o and I am very happy with my decision of buying the e2o.

For those who drive less than 100-120 km daily, the e2o can undoubtedly prove to be the best city car. I wish to see celebrities drive this car, while setting an example for the rest of us. When such a good electric car is manufactured within our own country, we should all support its sustenance by owning one and contribute to a better environment and world for our own kids. Our children impersonate our actions and learn from us. If we care for the environment right now, they will care for it too in the future.

Longer distance made easy with my e2o. 17/10/2014
By Mr. Krishna Anaparthi, Bangalore

"Hi Mahindra Reva Team,

I have been driving the Mahindra e2o since April 2013. I am pretty happy with the vehicle and have already driven close to 25,000 km. In fact, just last week, the e2o gave me over 100 km per charge, not once but twice! I could easily cover up to 110 km and never used any emergency back up on either of these days.

More than 60% of the times, I drive with the AC kept on. I am happy over the fact that even after a year and a half, the battery is absolutely fine and is giving me more than what was expected.

I would also like to convey the message that once the vehicle is respected and driven the way it needs to be driven, it respects and honours you back by driving you to longer distances.

Thanks for this amazing car – Mahindra e2o

With my e2o, I am more alive. 30/09/2014
By Mrs. Naina Saimaa, Bangalore

"Dear Mahindra Reva Team,

I chose to go for an EV for many reasons. Little did I know then, that my drive and my lifewas going to be this easy and awesome.

What can I say about my e2o - it’s made perfectly. There's nothing more to ask for. It is smart on the road and communicates even the minute details when parked, e.g., when I forget to lock the car or pull the hand break.

I have driven many cars but with my e2o, I am more alive. I am so stress free. The music doesn't go unheard now and I can't stop humming all the way. What also counts is the back-up and after sales service of the e2o. There are many incidents where the service team has helped me.

The most touching experience was when I landed myself in trouble and was helplessly trying to reach my folks over phone. They were unreachable at that moment. I was at 16% car charge and was struggling to get out of a muddy place where the car was stuck. While people were helping me to lift it, I received a kind call from Mr. Amith of Mahindra Reva, asking me if I was alright and safe. He ensured that I was not in any kind of trouble and assured that his team would be there to help, if required.

At that very moment, it was not the helping hand that mattered to me as much as the call - which was so welcoming and touching. It felt so great that someone was watching over me all the time, which I had never expected.

It feels like you are some angels, watching over us when we are out there. Many thanks for being all that wonderful.

I am sure any woman would willingly buy an e2o after she test drives it.

Last but not the least, a humble thanks to Mr. Madhukar, Mr. Dilip and Mr. Naveen who have helped me find answers to all the queries and have been there in my time of need.

Thank you all, again."

A car that actually costs you less when driving in the ghat 06/07/2014
By Kamlesh Mallick

We drove the Mahindra e2o electric car for about a distance of 110kms from Pune city to Lavasa deep in the Western Ghat mountains.

Vehicle = The Mahindra e2o running on Electricity
Pune-Lavasa distance = 110 km 2 way
Range when we started = 100 km
Range after we got back = 8 km
Energy used by The e2o = 92 km range i.e 9 units of power
Total Cost to drive 110 kms = 9 * 4 = Rs 36 -
Now beat that - OIL based cars! :)

Most valuable feature = Regenerative Braking! It works!
Energy got back due to Regenerative braking = 18km worth of energy
18km free ride without paying even a single Rupee!

Now that is the magic and economy that an electric car provides which cannot be matched by an ICE based car!

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