• It's automatic.

    Don’t bother shifting gears in city traffic. The e2o’s automatic transmission makes driving pleasurable and easy.

  • Turn the right way, quickly.

    Your best bet when stuck in a tight corner or while making a quick U-turn, is the variable power assist steering with 3.9m turning radius.

  • Turn the right way, quickly.

    The unique 'Hill Hold' feature gives you those precious few milliseconds to move ahead on inclines, without rolling back.

  • Hassle free reverse parking.

    Park without turning your head around with the e2o’s wide angle reverse camera. Experience the best parking and reversing assistance you can get.

  • It knows when to start and stop.

    The e2o ignition system recognises the key the moment it's close and automatically switches on. Simply press the start/stop button and be on your way.