• Drive ahead without getting EXHAUSTed

    The All-Electric e2o does not have a tail pipe, making it emission impossible!

  • Be born green.

    Our manufacturing plant is India's only Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Platinum certified automotive facility. Every car that leaves the facility is solar charged, and nearly half the energy consumed in the production process is pure, green energy.

  • a core that’s uncompromising.

    Being green, efficient and clean does not mean that the 'mileage' or distance is compromised. The lithium-ion batteries used in the e2o give you a distance of 120 kms or more in one full charge.

  • A car that powers itself.

    Every time you brake, go downhill or not accelerate, the e2o's battery gets charged. It’s kinetic energy gets converted to electricity, so your car literally feeds itself!